Friday, 27 November 2009

Guardians of the galaxy - Star-Lord

Guardians of the galaxy - Star-Lord
Cargado originalmente por PO!!
Guardians of the galaxy - Star-Lord

Ive been utterly busy these last few weeks working hard with some clients and personal projects. This left me zero time for my tributes to comics.

Guardians of the Galaxy is in my humble opinion marvel comics present best comic book. With an amazing cast of characters and incredible plots, dialogues and UNIFORMS! Yup the GOTG are the smartest heroes in the galaxy!

you can buy and support this amazing book at your local comic book store! Buy comics!

Guardians of the galaxy © Marvel Characters Inc. All rights reserved.

Super Name Starlord
Real Name Peter Jason Quill

His suit grants Peter many powers. He can survive in space with it. Also, he can fly in space. He can heal and has energy shields. Due to his implants he can remember anything and see beyond regular ability.

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